Innovative interior design concepts

The use of modern high technology allows you to use your home at a high level of comfort. On this page we will tell you about innovations in interior design and home remodeling.Below are modern decorating technologies, innovative home appliances and more.

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Wide-format window-conditioning from the profile system. With the development of technology, warmer windows began to appear - wooden "joinery" with twin sashings, which provided an acceptable level of heat preservation, but had problems with the practicality of maintenance of such windows. At the turn of the 1990s, plastic windows became widely used, which had a high tightness and as a consequence were warm and "quiet".

But such windows still had a fairly large opaque part. And what to do if the windows are on the shady side, or to the North?

Note that, it is the light that gives a person a feeling of complete happiness. How nice to take a walk in the first sunny days of spring. That is why we offer you to install the so-called large-format windows, which are windows with a minimum opaque part:

Such windows are made from the Delight-Design profile system which increases the area of the glazing unit by 10 percent on average.

To ensure maximum efficiency of glazing, these windows use a unique insulating glass unit consisting of 3 glasses (outer glass is multifunctional, the middle glass is regular, and the inner glass is energy-saving).

Each of the glasses solves its task:

Multifunctional glass is widely used in the glazing of skyscrapers in hot countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE). Its main task is to "cut off" the heat at high temperatures. This glass transmits the flow of light, but at the same time does not allow the heat to penetrate into the room.

Energy-saving or so-called i-glass helps to keep the temperature inside the room (heat in winter or cool in summer).

Thus, the perfect glazing is obtained with maximum light transmission, in addition, it serves as an air conditioner, keeping the room warm or cool depending on the time of the year.

Glass folding systems in building construction

The use of glass in architectural construction makes it possible to unite and connect interior and exterior spaces. Thanks to their limitless openness and maximum protection, the most extraordinary desires for enlarging the living space can be fulfilled.

Whether it is a private cottage, a penthouse or a public space, with innovative aluminum, wood and wood/aluminum glazing you can realize all your architectural interior design ideas.

When open, the glass folding systems give the living space an extension into the garden or terrace. Custom-made movable glazing can be opened as wide as required with ease.

They transform formerly confined, dark rooms into bright, inviting rooms. Until recently, the closed walls of buildings are disappearing. Their place is taken by modern facades which are open to light and air.

Spacious: The seamless transition between indoors and outdoors makes the living space appear larger.

Compact: A 5 m glass folding system can be folded into a 50 cm-thick, slim 50 cm-thick glass pack with no problems.

Versatile: Aluminum, wood and wood/aluminum systems perfectly match the style and architecture of any home.

Permits plenty of daylight into your room: Through the wide-open systems, daylight penetrates into the deepest part of the room.

Old building, new construction, a tastefully made cottage or a modern mansion - glass folding systems will give any of them a sense of freedom and space to your home's interior design. A room divider or balcony glazing will allow you to enjoy communication with nature without leaving your home.

Thanks to the "flexible" glass folding elements, the facade can be opened completely or partially, depending on the weather and your mood. Glass folding walls can be assembled and make the transition from the conservatory to nature unimpeded.

Shatters -- furniture for your windows

Shutters are a frame construction. Adjustable horizontal slats (lamellas) are mounted inside the frame, which is similar in appearance to shutters. This design is mounted directly on the vertical sides of the window opening. This allows you to open-close shutters (hence the name -to shut-close), it is easy to remove if necessary. It is possible to use models for skylights and openings of complex shapes (arched, oval, round). Traditionally, shutters used in the design of cottages.

Shutters are made of high-tech material - "Polystyle", similar in properties to wood, but do not have its disadvantages. wooden shutters can deform or even crack, especially if used in the bathroom, sauna or solarium. In terms of strength, flexibility, moisture resistance. Polystyle proves to be the best material to use. The color palette is sufficient for the most demanding design (under the RAL color system - more than 400 colors + any kind of wood.

The shutters themselves are practical and durable - they can withstand frost and humidity, do not burn out, and are easy to clean if necessary (either with a vacuum cleaner on the window or under a stream of water with detergents). Thanks to its versatility shutters can be used as an attribute of the interior on the loggia, bathroom, kitchen, window openings in the basement premises. Shutters are widely used in decorating offices as office partitions. Shatters are easy to integrate into the interior, even in combination with tulle and curtains.

In addition, one of the most important features of shutters is that they significantly reduce energy costs. By closing the shutters in winter, you prevent cold air from entering the room. In the summer, shutters prevent direct sunlight from entering and raising the temperature of your home. In both cases, batteries and air conditioners don't work overtime, energy needs drop, and money stays with you.


If we talk about innovations in finishing materials, recently the emphasis has been on creating safe, environmentally friendly and natural coatings that are pleasing to the eye and take care of the health of the whole family. For several years the leading position is taken by the eco-style, a distinctive feature of which is the use of natural materials in decoration. Wood, stone, marble, cork, natural fabrics, bamboo will bring unsurpassed comfort to your home. The choice of furniture and various accessories made of these materials is really huge now, everyone will find their own, from beautiful quality laminate to rosettes made of precious wood.

3D VPG panels in the interior

3D VPG panels are a simple construction of MDF and eco leather combined with an elegant design, specially developed by Italian designer Stefano Palaccio. VPG panels are easily mounted on any surface, they can be used as wall panels for apartment and office design, for the production of furniture, interior decoration, doors, presentation and information desks.

High quality, durability, elegant appearance and ease of installation are their main advantages. 3D VPG wall panels do not require special care, retain its original color throughout the life of the panel. Finishing of the premises with MDF wall panels has a number of advantages compared to other methods of finishing. It does not require prior preparation of the walls (leveling, cleaning the old coating from the walls, puttying and other operations), and if necessary, it is easy to remove the panels.

Ceramic printing on glass

Technology of printing on glass with ceramic inks - a new word in decorating and creating unique interiors and exteriors. The essence of the technological process in applying a drawing ceramic paint, which, when hardened in a furnace becomes an inseparable part of the glass.

Decorated glass with ceramic printing opens up a wide range of possibilities to create a unique interior design. The range of applications is quite wide: from the facade of buildings, window stained glass, balcony railings to interior furnishings - interior doors and partitions, table tops and wall panels, shower enclosures and curtains, suspended ceilings with lighting.

Stencil wall painting

Decorating walls with the help of stencils is not a new phenomenon and is available to everyone. It is enough to choose a ready stencil from many catalogs, choose the necessary color, install it and voila- la, the only thing left is to paint over it. However, most of the presented stencils are not notable for their originality and uniqueness. We have revised the attitude towards stencilling and can responsibly declare that stencilling is a stylish solution for interior decoration.

Stabilized moss in the interior

Stabilized moss is a godsend for eco-interiors and the logical answer to all the doubters. Some people associate moss with the dampness of shady forests, mold, room for mushrooms and other unsanitary conditions. However, in a stabilized product, all processes (biological) are stopped, which means that it does not overgrow and, in general, behaves "decently".

Stabilized moss is quite difficult - a procedure similar to cryogenic freezing or neurosurgery. The life-giving moisture is sucked out of the plant and a special stabilizing solution is injected instead. It allows the moss to stay "afloat", not to wither and not to lose its former brightness. The plant even gets a peculiar upgrade, important for designers and florists: increased elasticity, succulence of colors, variability of colors, unpretentiousness, hypoallergenicity, complete harmlessness and eco-purity.

Such natural moss is more alive than dead, but not completely. But for him it is not necessary to look after (watering the walls - an occupation problematic). There are, however, and negative nuances - stabilized moss is afraid of any moisture, frost and directed sunlight. It is worth considering when choosing a place where you want to place a non-trivial composition.


Mirror TVs

Mirror TV is a new trend in interior design, which is gaining popularity. Modern appliances have become indistinguishable from each other, and it is impossible to make bright accents with a traditional TV. Our company offers an original solution that will appeal to all fans of high technology. You can order a modern TV-set in a mirror or in glass which becomes an organic part of the general interior when it is switched off.


Unusual realization in the mirror gives an opportunity to realize bold design ideas.

The use of decorative frames will visually highlight the screen on the wall

The big mirror surfaces in the interior expand the space

Concealed installation of the audio system will hide all wires and communications

Designer radiators

In the past, heating radiators performed a single function - heating the air in the room. There was a time when it was considered good to have an inconspicuous radiator that blended in with the interior. Today everything is different: many people want to buy designer radiators, able to make the interior irresistible.

Very interesting are glass radiators, which, on the one hand, look very impressive, and on the other - almost do not take up valuable room space. Buy these decorative radiators at a price that the company "GlavOobekt" will please you, is the owners of housing in the style of hi-tech.

In addition, the manufacturers of designer radiators use wood for their manufacture. Models made of it look very original, while they are environmentally friendly. It is possible to buy designer heating batteries under the old style, made with wood, and decorate the interior with them.

Luminescent textiles.

The flexible luminescent textile developed by the group is a film of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and zinc sulfide (ZnS), with flexible, current-conducting electrodes embedded in the layer. Such a film, firstly, has mechanoluminescence (glows from mechanical influences) and, secondly, electroluminescence (glows when power is applied to the electrodes, between which there is an electromagnetic field).

Experimental samples of luminous fibers and fabrics made of them showed high efficiency of luminescence and sufficient mechanical strength.

Innovative lighting systems

The need for alternative high-efficiency lighting has never been greater, and alternative sources of energy-efficient lighting have never been more important. At the same time, the savings should not compromise comfort.

Such qualities have innovative LED lighting and energy-saving lamps, which have already replaced incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Currently, the leading countries in the world, actively renouncing the production and use of traditional incandescent lamps and switching to semiconductor light sources and energy-saving lamps.

The main technological advantages of LED and energy-saving lamps are:

high efficiency of energy consumption


manufacturability and the possibility of installation in hard-to-reach places in the interior

high mechanical strength

environmental safety

low maintenance costs

Thanks to technical developments, it is possible to make your home absolutely automatic, and the management of various functions is available with a special remote control, as well as with ordinary smartphones or tablets. For example, with the touch of a few buttons you can adjust the level of light or heating in the room, move the curtains, turn on the stereo or home cinema. More advanced models of devices are capable of controlling possible plumbing leaks or allow you to check from a distance whether all electrical appliances are off.

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